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Small World believes that all children are filled with powerful potential that is inherent and flourishing at an early age. We are a school that cultivates collaboration in an extremely diverse community with innovative faculty and meaningful partnerships with children and our families. We know that long-lasting bonds have a positive impact on a child's first early learning experience. 
Our school nurtures children's potential by providing a rich learning environment where we enjoy learning by doing and by experiencing – we feel this makes learning fun. We support our students by allowing opportunities for meaningful experiences and in-depth reflection, less sitting – more exploring. Our students represent their knowledge in a multitude of expressions that we encourage and develop as they grow in our program. Our Educators, in partnership with our parents, help guide our students to discover their ability to communicate -using words, using numbers, leveraging art and music together, and the hundreds of combined possibilities we explore throughout the year. This gives meaning to the inspiration of the "hundred languages of children" by Loris Malaguzzi, the founder of the Reggio Emilia Approach. 
 Small World recognizes that our children, with which we consider our own family, are the principle element to a better society, a better world, and a better future for us all. It’s imperative for us as Educators not to overlook the important fact that children, can and will change and shape this world as we know it today, and we are in a particularly vital position to help guide them in doing so.  

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